Raj Bunnag

Head Brayer Slayer

Printmaking is my life.


Who I am

My name is Raj Bunnag and printmaking is my bread and butter. I have been printmaking for 10 years and have no desire to stop now. I am a professional printer working out of the Supergraphic studio located in Durham, North Carolina. At Supergraphic I teach workshops to beginners and the experienced alike, I work with local artists interested in creating multiples of their work, and when I can I pursue my own personal print projects. I also print commercially printed items such as shirts, business cards, posters and invitations.

My Mission

My mission is to teach and inform people about the importance of the printed image/word. Few actually know what printmaking is or the incredibly significant impact it has had on civilization and the world. So my goal is to make as many print appreciators and print enthusiasts as I can. Printmaking has most recently been relegated to lurking in the shadows amidst this digital age explosion but now the need for hand created hand printed ephemera is coming back with steez.

My Skills


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